Vat Dyes

Our AVAT dyes offer excellent fastness to washing, light and bleaching. Available in paste form and powder.

ProductC.I. Number
Avat Black SNA Double PasteVat Black 16
Avat Grey 2G Double PasteVat Black 22
Avat Olive T Powder, PasteVat Black 25
Avat Olive AR Double PasteVat Black 27
Avat Indigo Powder & PasteVat Blue 1
Avat Blue BC Double PasteVat Blue 6
Avat Blue GC Double PasteVat Blue 14
Avat Navy Blue FB Double PasteVat Blue 18
Avat Dark Blue B0 PasteVat Blue 20
Avat Brown BR Powder & PasteVat Brown 1
Avat Brown RN Double PasteVat Brown 3
Avat Brown HRR PasteVat Brown 57
Avat Brilliant Green FFB PasteVat Green 1
Avat Olive Green B Double PasteVat Green 3
Avat Golden Yellow RK Double PasteVat Orange 1
Avat Golden Orange 2R PasteVat Orange 2
Avat Brilliant Orange GR Double PasteVat Orange 7
Avat Golden Orange 3G PasteVat Orange 15
Avat Pink FF PasteVat Red 1
Avat Red FBB Double PasteVat Red 10
Avat Red GB PasteVat Red 13
Avat Scarlet F2J PasteVat Red 14
Avat Scarlet RX, PasteVat Red 32
Avat Violet 2R PasteVat Violet 1
Avat Brilliant Violet 3B Double PasteVat Violet 9
Avat Violet BN PasteVat Violet 13
Avat Yellow GC PasteVat Yellow 2
Avat Golden Yellow GK Double PasteVat Yellow 4
Avat Yellow GK PasteVat Yellow 33
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