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Aashiana Dyestuffs Inc. has supplied high quality dyes, chemicals and pigments for industrial coloring purposes for nearly two decades with it's sales, production, laboratory and warehousing facilities located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA.

The material we supply comes from the most reliable sources. Therefore, you can depend on the consistency of its quality. Our high-quality products are typically shipped next day. Our approach has made us a leading supplier to many companies in the textile, paper, plastic, leather, petroleum, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The key factor that has contributed to our success is our concern for customer satisfaction.

Aashiana Dyestuffs Inc.’s customer base extends throughout the Untied States and numerous foreign countries. Available dye classes include acid, basic, direct, disperse, mordant, reactive, sulphur, solvent, vat, and ink dyes, in addition to a full range of pigments and chemicals.

We look forward to servicing the needs of the dye and chemical industries for many years to come.

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