Reactive Dyes

Our ACTIVE dyes are generally used for dyeing cotton and rayon. Reactive dyes in general are a popular choice for cotton and rayon due to their excellent fastness properties and bright shade range. Many dyeing application methods can be used such as exhaust, continuous, package, jet dyeing and printing.

ProductC.I. Number
Active Black BReactive Black 5
Active Black K-BRReactive Black 8
Active Blue MXRReactive Blue 4
Active Blue BRReactive Blue 5
Active Turquoise GEReactive Blue 7
Active Blue HGRReactive Blue 13
Active Blue, Special, 140%Reactive Blue 19
Active Turquoise BUE GReactive Blue 21
Active Turquoise H5GReactive Blue 25
Active Remazol Brill Blue BReactive Blue 27
Active Green 6BReactive Blue 38
Active Turquoise REReactive Blue 40
Active Blue P-3RReactive Blue 49
Active Blue TREReactive Blue 52
Active Turquoise HAReactive Blue 71
Active Dark Blue HRReactive Blue 89
Active Blue MX-2G, 150%Reactive Blue 109
Active Navy Blue 2REReactive Blue 137
Active Turquoise MX-G, 150%Reactive Blue 140
Active Blue HERDReactive Blue 160
Active Blue MX-G, 150%Reactive Blue 163
Active Navy Blue HE-RReactive Blue 171
Active Dark Blue B-2GLNReactive Blue 194
Active Blue HEGN, 100%Reactive Blue 198
Active Blue HEGN, 125%Reactive Blue 198
Active Navy Blue RGBReactive Blue 203
Active Navy H-E2RReactive Blue 211
Active Navy XGNReactive Blue 214
Active Supra Navy FBNReactive Blue 222
Active Navy Blue RGReactive Blue 250
Active Brown 5REReactive Brown 7
Active Brown MX-5BRReactive Brown 10
Active Brown H4RDReactive Brown 17
Active Brown VS-GRReactive Brown 18
Active Brown E-4RReactive Brown 32
Active Brown P-2RReactive Brown 38
Active Red MX-6BDAReactive Brown 40
Active Green X3G CDG GRAReactive Green 12
Active Green HE-4BDReactive Green 19
Active Brill Green X6BL CDGReactive Green 25
Active Brilliant Orange X-GNReactive Orange 1
Active Orange MXGReactive Orange 1
Active Orange MX-2RReactive Orange 4
Active Orange H-3RReactive Orange 12
Active Orange H-2RReactive Orange 13
Active Orange 3R, 135%Reactive Orange 16
Active Orange HE-2GReactive Orange 20
Active Orange E-3GAReactive Orange 64
Active Golden Orange REReactive Orange 70
Active Golden Orange 3GReactive Orange 78
Active Orange FRReactive Orange 82
Active Orange H-ERReactive Orange 84
Active Orange MX-3RAReactive Orange 86
Active Red MX-5BReactive Red 2
Active Reactive Red MX-GReactive Red 5
Active Red MX-8BReactive Red 11
Active Brilliant Red BBReactive Red 21
Active Brilliant Red K-2BPReactive Red 24
Active Brilliant Red KH-8BReactive Red 31
Active Scarlet 2GEReactive Red 43
Active Bordeaux BReactive Red 49
Active Red HE3BReactive Red 120
Active Red HE7BReactive Red 141
Active Brill Red B-EReactive Red 152
Active Red F3BReactive Red 180
Active Red RBReactive Red 198
Active Violet H-3RReactive Violet 1
Active Violet K-3RReactive Violet 2
Active Violet 5RReactive Violet 5
Active Violet X-2RReactive Violet 8
Active Yellow RReactive Yellow 3
Active Yellow MX-GRReactive Yellow 7
Active Yellow RGRReactive Yellow 15
Active Golden Yellow GAReactive Yellow 17
Active Light Yellow K-4GReactive Yellow 18
Active Yellow MX4RReactive Yellow 22
Active Yellow GLReactive Yellow 37
Active Yellow GL-FGReactive Yellow 42
Active Brilliant Yellow GEReactive Yellow 81
Active Yellow HE4RReactive Yellow 84
Active Yellow MX8GReactive Yellow 86
Active Yellow HE4GReactive Yellow 105
Active Yellow 3RFReactive Yellow 145
Active Yellow 4GLReactive Yellow 160
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