Intermediates Dyes

Any chemical substance produced during the conversion of some reactant to product. Most synthetic processes involve transformation of readily available substance to some desired product through a succession of steps. All the substances generated by one step and used for the succeeding step are considered intermediates.

2-hydroxymethyl-3-methyl-4-(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy) pyridinehydrochloride
Gamma Acid
H - Acid
J - Acid
J - Acid urea
K - Acid
K - Ester
Resist Salt
Schaffer's Acid
Schaffer's Salt
Titanium Dioxide
Tobias Acid
Vinyl Sulfone para Ester
Phthalo Blue Crude
Phthalo Green Crude
Levco Quinizarine
Fast Blue B Base
Fast Bordo GP Base
Fast Orange GC Base
Fast Red B Base
Fast Red G L Base
Fast Red ITR Base
Fast Scarlet RC Base
Fast Red RL Base
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