Disperse Dyes

Our ADIS dyes are generally used for dyeing polyester. These dyes are characterized as medium and high energy disperse types for dyeing of polyester atmospherically with carrier, under high temperature/pressure dyeing and continuous/thermosol dyeing. Some selected dyes in this range also offer excellent results when dyed on Acetate fibers and nylon.

ProductC.I. Number
ADIS Black SNDisperse Black 9
ADIS Black Mix, 300%Disperse Black EXSF
ADIS Blue BNNDisperse Blue 3
ADIS Blue Green CDisperse Blue 7
ADIS Blue BGDisperse Blue 26
ADIS Navy BT, 200%Disperse Blue 35
ADIS Dark Blue RBDisperse Blue 55
ADIS Blue FBLDisperse Blue 56
ADIS Brilliant Blue BGL, 200%Disperse Blue 60
ADIS Blue 4RLDisperse Blue 64
ADIS Blue BGLDisperse Blue 73
ADIS Navy Blue GRL, 200%Disperse Blue 79
ADIS Brilliant Blue GRLDisperse Blue 87
ADIS Blue GFDDisperse Blue 102
ADIS Blue GSL, 200%Disperse Blue 165
ADIS Blue E-BRDisperse Blue 183
ADIS Navy ARDisperse Blue 281
ADIS Blue E-5GDisperse Blue 291
ADIS Brown 3R, 150Disperse Brown 1
ADIS Green C6BDisperse Green 9
ADIS Orange GRDisperse Orange 3
ADIS Orange 2RLDisperse Orange 25
ADIS Orange 2GRDisperse Orange 29
ADIS Yellow Brown 2RFLDisperse Orange 30
ADIS Dark Orange RL, 150%Disperse Orange 37
ADIS Orange 4RLDisperse Orange 41
ADIS Orange GFADisperse Orange 44
ADIS Orange E2GLDisperse Orange 73
ADIS Scarlet BDisperse Red 1
ADIS Pink RFDisperse Red 4
ADIS Rubine 3BDisperse Red 5
ADIS Pink BDisperse Red 15
ADIS Red 2GDisperse Red 17
ADIS Scarlet 5GDisperse Red 50
ADIS Scarlet 3GFLDisperse Red 54
ADIS Brilliant Pink FGDisperse Red 55
ADIS Red FB, 200%Disperse Red 60
ADIS Red MGDisperse Red 65
ADIS Rubine RLDisperse Red 73
ADIS Red 3BLSDisperse Red 82
ADIS Brilliant Pink 2GLDisperse Red 86
ADIS Pink FRLDisperse Red 91
ADIS Scarlet H-GFDisperse Red 135
ADIS Scarlet 2RDisperse Red 153
ADIS Rubine 2GFLDisperse Red 167
ADIS Red FRLDisperse Red 177
ADIS Rubine 2BLEDisperse Red 179
ADIS Red 2BLSDisperse Red 184
ADIS Red GDisperse Red 277
ADIS Rubine H-BRS, 150%Disperse Red 319
ADIS Red Violet RHDisperse Violet 1
ADIS Fast Violet BDisperse Violet 4
ADIS Violet HFRLDisperse Violet 26
ADIS Violet RLDisperse Violet 28
ADIS Red Violet FBLDisperse Violet 31
ADIS Violet 4RS, 200%Disperse Violet 48
ADIS VIOLET 57Disperse Violet 57
ADIS Wine 4BDisperse Violet 91
ADIS Yellow 2G EX Conc.Disperse Yellow 1
ADIS Yellow GDisperse Yellow 3
ADIS Yellow 5 G, 200%Disperse Yellow 5
ADIS Yellow 5RDisperse Yellow 23
ADIS Yellow GWLDisperse Yellow 42
ADIS Yellow 3G, 200%Disperse Yellow 54
ADIS Yellow GB, 200%Disperse Yellow 64
ADIS Yellow 10GF, 200%Disperse Yellow 82
ADIS Yellow 2RDisperse Yellow 86
ADIS Yellow BRL-SDisperse Yellow 163
ADIS Brilliant Flavine 10GFDisperse Yellow 184
ADIS Yellow GNL, 200%Disperse Yellow 211
ADIS Yellow B-6GDisperse Yellow 218
ADIS Yellow E-5GDisperse Yellow 224
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