Direct Dyes

Our ARID dyes are generally used for dyeing cotton, rayon and linen. Direct dyes for nylon and wool offer high fastness, brightness and compatibility as a group. Direct dyes are employed for coloration of cellulostics, paper, leather, silk, jute, viscose, etc. Direct dyes have excellent leveling properties, are highly tinctoral, and have a fair to good light fastness.

ProductC.I. Number
Arid Black G, 200%Direct Black 19
Arid Black GR, 600%Direct Black 22
Arid Fast Black LSDirect Black 51
Arid Grey UGL, 300%Direct Black 62
Arid Black OB, 150%Direct Black 80
Arid Black RL 370%Direct Black 91
Arid Black BH-NB, 125%Direct Black 165
Arid Black GX-NB, 200%Direct Black 170
Arid Sky Blue 6BDirect Blue 1
Arid Diazo Black BH-NB, 125%Direct Blue 2
Arid Sky Blue 5BDirect Blue 15
Arid Blue 5B Conc.Direct Blue 25
Arid Blue FFB, CONC.Direct Blue 71
Arid Blue 2 GLDirect Blue 75
Arid Fast Blue 4 GLDirect Blue 78
Arid Fast Blue 2RLL, 200%Direct Blue 80
Arid Turquoise 8L, 200%Direct Blue 86
Arid Fast Blue FGL 400%Direct Blue 90
Arid Blue LLUDirect Blue 98
Arid Fast Blue 3 GLLDirect Blue 100
Arid Blue FGL, 200%Direct Blue 106
Arid Fast Blue FFRLDirect Blue 108
Arid Diazo Blue BRN, 125%Direct Blue 120
Arid Blue RL, 200%Direct Blue 160
Arid Turquoise GRL, 250%Direct Blue 189
Arid Fast Blue 8 GLNDirect Blue 191
Arid Turquoise FBL, 400%Direct Blue 199
Arid Supra Blue 4BL, 200%Direct Blue 200
Arid Blue BRL, 200%Direct Blue 201
Arid Blue 3GLDirect Blue 218
Arid Blue 2 RA LN NEWDirect Blue 290
Arid Brilliant Blue GLDirect Blue 293
Arid Brown GSXDirect Brown 44
Arid Brown BRL-NBDirect Brown 95
Arid Brown BLDirect Brown 103
Arid Brown AGL NewDirect Brown 115
Arid Brown RL 130%Direct Brown 116
Arid Brown 3GN-NBDirect Brown 154
Arid Green 2BNB, 150%Direct Green 6
Arid Fast Green BL, 200%Direct Green 26
Arid Green C-GKDirect Green 59
Arid Green 2B-NBDirect Green 92
Arid Orange 2RDirect Orange 15
Arid Orange SEDirect Orange 26
Arid Orange WSDirect Orange 29
Arid Fast Orange EGLDirect Orange 34
Arid Fast Orange 2GLDirect Orange 39
Arid Orange E, 200%Direct Orange 39
Arid Orange GNLDirect Orange 61
Arid Fast Orange LGLLDirect Orange 72
Arid Orange WS, 150%Direct Orange 102
Arid Purpurine 4B, CONCDirect Red 2
Arid Pink B, 145%Direct Red 9
Arid Bordeaux 6B, 200%Direct Red 16
Arid Scarlet 4BS, 200%Direct Red 23
Arid Fast Scarlet 4BADirect Red 24
Arid Fast Pink, 400%Direct Red 31
Arid Scarlet 4BADirect Red 72
Arid Fast Pink 2BLDirect Red 75
Arid Red 6BLDirect Red 79
Arid Red 8BLNDirect Red 80
Arid Fast Red 8BLDirect Red 81
Arid Fast Red 3BLLDirect Red 83
Arid Fast Scarlet BNL, 200%Direct Red 89
Arid Rubine RLDirect Red 223
Arid Scarlet F2GDirect Red 224
Arid Light Red F5BDirect Red 226
Arid Rose FRDirect Red 227
Arid Rubine RLDirect Red 233
Arid Red BWSDirect Red 243
Arid Fast Violet B, 200%Direct Violet 9
Arid Violet 5 BLDirect Violet 66
Arid Brilliantiant paper YellowDirect Yellow 4
Arid Yellow 6GDirect Yellow 6
Arid Fast Yellow 5RA, 150%Direct Yellow 11, 150
Arid Yellow 7 GLDirect Yellow 27
Arid Yellow WBDirect Yellow 28
Arid Yellow 3 RLDirect Yellow 34
Arid Yellow 4 GLDirect Yellow 44
Arid Fast Yellow RLSWDirect Yellow 50
Arid Yellow RLDirect Yellow 86
Arid Brilliant Flavine 7GFF 500%Direct Yellow 96
Arid Fast Orange LWFDirect Yellow 105
Arid Yellow 3 RLDirect Yellow 106
Arid Yellow GDirect Yellow 107
Arid Yellow RBDirect Yellow 127
Arid Yellow GLSDirect Yellow 130
Arid Yellow PGDirect Yellow 142
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