Basic Dyes

Our ALKA line of Basic dyes are generally used for dyeing and printing acrylic, catinic dyeable polyester fibers and basic dyeable nylon. Basic dyes produce very bright shades and offer a good selection to meet the fastness requirements for a variety of end uses.

ProductC.I. Number
ALKA Black BLBasic Black 11
ALKA Basic Brilliant Blue 6GBasic Blue 1
ALKA Blue 3G, 200%Basic Blue 3
ALKA Victoria Blue BOBasic Blue 7
ALKA Methylene Blue 2BBasic Blue 9
ALKA Victoria Blue BBasic Blue 26
ALKA GRL, 300%Basic Blue 41
ALKA Blue 5GLBasic Blue 45
ALKA Blue GLBasic Blue 54
ALKA Blue 5RLBasic Blue 62
ALKA Blue FRRBasic Blue 69
ALKA Blue ER, 200%Basic Blue 77
ALKA Bismark Brown GBasic Brown 1
ALKA Bismark Brown RBasic Brown 4
ALKA Brilliant GreenBasic Green 1
ALKA Malachite GreenBasic Green 4
ALKA Chrysoidine RBasic Orange 1
ALKA Chrysoidine YBasic Orange 2
ALKA Orange G, 200%Basic Orange 21
ALKA Orange LRBasic Orange 22
ALKA Rhodamine 6GDNBasic Red 1
ALKA SafranineBasic Red 2
ALKA Pink GABasic Red 13
ALKA Brilliant Red 4G, 200%Basic Red 14
ALKA Brilliant Red BBasic Red 15
ALKA Red GTL, 200%Basic Red 18
ALKA Brilliant Pink GN, 200%Basic Red 27
ALKA Red GL, 250%Basic Red 29
ALKA Red GRL, 200%Basic Red 46
ALKA Red BNBasic Red 49
ALKA Red MRLBasic Red 51
ALKA Red YCNBasic Red 73
ALKA Methyl Violet 2B, CONC.Basic Violet 1
ALKA Fuchsine, 130%Basic Violet 2
ALKA Crystal Violet 6BBasic Violet 3
ALKA Ethyl VioletBasic Violet 4
ALKA Rhodamine B, 500%Basic Violet 10
ALKA Magenta PowderBasic Violet 14
ALKA Violet 3RA, 200%Basic Violet 16
ALKA Violet F3RLBasic Violet 21
ALKA Auramine OBasic Yellow 2
ALKA Yellow RBasic Yellow 11
ALKA Yellow 5GL, 250%Basic Yellow 13
ALKA Yellow 3RLBasic Yellow 15
ALKA Yellow GGL, 200%Basic Yellow 19
ALKA Yellow 7GLLBasic Yellow 21
ALKA Yellow 5GRLBasic Yellow 25
ALKA Golden Yellow GL, 200%Basic Yellow 28
ALKA Yellow GRL, 200%Basic Yellow 29
ALKA Yellow FWABasic Yellow 37
ALKA Fluorescent Yellow, 550%Basic Yellow 40
ALKA Yellow 3GN, 200%Basic Yellow 51
ALKA Golden Yellow RLBasic Yellow 79
ALKA Yellow RGN Conc.Basic Yellow 83
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