Acid Dyes

Our AACL dyes are generally used for dyeing wool, nylon, silk, jude, leather and acid dyeable acrylics. We offer full ranges to meet customers' specific requirements for shade and fastness.

ProductC.I. Number
AACL Black 10B High Conc.Acid Black 1
AACL Nigrosine WBAcid Black 2
AACL Black 2BAcid Black 24
AACL Black WA, 200%Acid Black 52
AACL Grey BL, 200%Acid Black 60
AACL Black RL, 200%Acid Black 63
AACL Black BGL, 200%Acid Black 107
AACL Black GL, 200%Acid Black 131
AACL Black BRL, 200%Acid Black 132
AACL Black LDNAcid Black 172
AACL Black SRLAcid Black 194
AACL Black NG, 120%Acid Black 210
AACL Reddish Black LeatherAcid Black 234, 180%
AACL Patent Blue VS, 200%Acid Blue 1
AACL Patent Blue AS, 250%Acid Blue 7
AACL Blue L, 200%Acid Blue 9 (Ink Grade)
AACL Milling Blue FF Conc.Acid Blue 15
AACL Alizarine Fast Blue, 200%Acid Blue 25
AACL Blue 2G, 200%Acid Blue 25
AACL Fast Blue B, 200%Acid Blue 45
AACL Brilliant Blue R, 200%Acid Blue 62
AACL Brilliant Blue BLAcid Blue 80
AACL Brilliant Blue 6BAcid Blue 83
AACL Brilliant Blue GAcid Blue 90
AACL Fast Blur R Conc.Acid Blue 92
AACL Navy Blue 5R, Conc.Acid Blue 113
AACL Sky Blue OB, CrudeAcid Blue 145
AACL Fast Blue GGN, CrudeAcid Blue 158 (Oil Free)
AACL Turquoise Blue 5GAcid Blue 185
AACL Navy Blue RLAcid Blue 193
AACL Resorcine Brown RAcid Brown 14
AACL Brown 2GLAcid Brown 44
AACL Brown MFAcid Brown 97
AACL Olive Brown GAcid Brown 98
AACL Brown DGRAcid Brown 235
AACL Brown GRS, 150%Acid Brown 282
AACL Napthol Green BAcid Green 1
AACL Green LAcid Green 3
AACL Fast Green BAcid Green 9
AACL Cyanine Green GAcid Green 25 (A/N)
AACL Dark Green B, 200%Acid Green 20
AACL Green V, 333%Acid Green 16
AACL Yellow 3DAcid Orange 3
AACL Orange II, Conc.Acid Orange 7
AACL Orange 2RAcid Orange 8
AACL 2GLAcid Orange 10
AACL Resorcine Brown B, Conc.Acid Orange 24
AACL Methyl OrangeAcid Orange 52
AACL Orange RLAcid Orange 60
AACL Yellow 3 RLAcid Orange 67
AACL Orange GAcid Orange 74
AACL Orange SLF, 200%Acid Orange 116
AACL Orange 3G, 200%Acid Orange 156
AACL Red 2G Conc.Acid Red 1
AACL Eosine G, 200%Acid Red 4
AACL Azo Rubine 133%Acid Red 14
AACL Rhodamine G, 400%Acid Red 50
AACL Rhodamine B, 400%Acid Red 52
AACL Croceine Scarlet MOOAcid Red 73
AACL Eosine YAcid Red 87
AACL Fast Red AAcid Red 88
AACL Phloxine Conc.Acid Red 92
AACL Rose BengalAcid Red 94
AACL Red RS., 125%Acid Red 99
AACL Red BR., 150%Acid Red 128
AACL Red 3BN, 150%Acid Red 131
AACL Milling Red FER., 200%Acid Red 151
AACL Red BAcid Red 167
AACL Red Fast Brilliant Red BAcid Red 249
AACL Red 2 BLAcid Red 266
AACL Red FL, 200%Acid Red 337
AACL Violet 2RAcid Violet 1
AACL Violet 4BSAcid Violet 3
AACL Fuchsine 6BAcid Violet 7
AACL Carmine 4BAcid Violet 12
AACL Violet 4BNSAcid Violet 17
AACL MagentaAcid Violet 19
AACL Alizarine Violet RAcid Violet 43
AACL Violet FBLAcid Violet 48
AACL Violet 4BNAcid Violet 49
AACL Milling Fast Red 10BAcid Violet 54
AACL Bordeaux BAcid Violet 90
AACL Flavine FFAAcid Yellow 7
AACL Fast Yellow 2G (Salt Free)Acid Yellow 17
AACL Tartrazine EX Conc. (Salt Free)Acid Yellow 23
AACL Yellow 3GLAcid Yellow 34
AACL Metanil Yellow Conc.Acid Yellow 36
AACL Milling Yellow 5G Conc.Acid Yellow 40
AACL Yellow MRAcid Yellow 42
AACL Yellow 9GAcid Yellow 49
AACL FluoresceinAcid Yellow 73
AACL Yellow GRAcid Yellow 99
AACL Yellow 3GLAcid Yellow 127
AACL Yellow 2GL, ExtraAcid Yellow 129
AACL Yellow NW, 250%Acid Yellow 151
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