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Product Description
ACID DYES Our AACL dyes are generally used for dyeing wool, nylon, silk, jude, leather and acid dyeable acrylics. We offer full ranges to meet customers' specific requirements for shade and fastness.
BASIC DYES Our ALKA line of Basic dyes are generally used for dyeing and printing acrylic, catimic dyeable polyester fibers and basic dyeable nylon. Basic dyes produce very bright shades and offer a good selection to meet the fastness requirements for a variety of end uses.
DIRECT DYES Our ARID dyes are generally used for dyeing cotton, rayon and linen. Direct dyes for nylon and wool offer high fastness, brightness and compatibility as a group. Direct dyes are employed for coloration of cellulostics, paper, leather, silk, jute, viscose, etc.
Direct dyes have excellent leveling properties, are highly tinctoral, and have a fair to good light fastness.
DISPERSE DYES Our ADIS dyes are generally used for dyeing polyester. These dyes are characterized as medium and high energy disperse types for dyeing of polyester atmospherically with carrier, under high temperature/pressure dyeing and continuous/thermosol dyeing. Some selected dyes in this range also offer excellent results when dyed on Acetate fibers and nylon.
MORDANT DYES Our AMORCHROME dyes are generally used for dyeing wool and silk.
REACTIVE DYES Our ACTIVE dyes are generally used for dyeing cotton and rayon. Reactive dyes in general are a popular choice for cotton and rayon due to their excellent fastness properties and bright shade range. Many dyeing application methods can be used such as exhaust, continuous, package, jet dyeing and printing.
SOLVENT DYES Our ASOL dyes are used for numerous applications such as plastics, inks, waxes, chemical tinting and petroleum.
SULPHUR DYES Our ASUL dyes are high wash fast dyes, used for cotton, viscose fiber and paper packing...
PIGMENTS Our AMEL range can be used in large variety of different applications including textile, plastic, ink, paints and chemical compounding industries.
VAT DYES Our AVAT dyes offer excellent fastness to washing, light and bleaching. Available in paste form and powder.
INTERMEDIATES Any chemical substance produced during the conversion of some reactant to product. Most synthetic processes involve transformation of readily available substance to some desired product through a succession of steps. All the substances generated by one step and used for the succeeding step are considered intermediates.
OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS Optical brighteners, or Fluorescent Whitening agents are used to make plastics, fibers, coating, inks and detergents appear whiter and brighter. They are also used in substrates containing pigments or dyes to make colors appear more brilliant.

Please contact us for the list of OPTICAL BRIGHTENERS for both water soluble and solvent soluble applications.

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